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NW SecurityBar® is the ADA compliant heavy-duty grab bar or handrail for the healthcare and correctional facilities. NW SecurityBar®  with end caps eliminate ligature attachment points and space for hiding items. NW SecurityBar® is listed in the Design Guide of the National Association of Psychiatric Health Systems (NAPHS) and accepted by  the New York State Office of Mental Health. NW SecurityBar® is a registered trademark of Northwest Specialty Hardware Inc.®Please download the Brochure in PDF file.

Suicide is the eleventh leading cause of death in the United States. Our Nation loses 30,000 lives to this tragedy each year, another 650,000 receive emergency care after attempting to take their own lives (Data from National Strategy for Suicide Prevention). According to the Joint Commission, 75 percent of inpatient suicides take place in the bathroom, bedroom, or closet. Facilities cannot afford both financial and moral risk of leaving open opportunities for suicide or self-harm in the built environment, particularly in patient bathrooms. NW SecurityBar® with end caps eliminate ligature attachment points and space for hiding items. NW SecurityBar® is your wise choice!

Outstanding Features

100% Made in the U.S.A.

Vertical or Horizontal Installation
Custom Lengths or L-Corner Bars Available upon Request.
Suicide Resistant, No Space between Wall and Bar
Self-Draining End Caps for Anti-Ligature
Handrail to Allow a Full Grip
Self-Draining for Wet Applications
Suitable for Continuous Handrail
Open for Contraband Inspection

Variable Fastener Spacing for Easy Retrofits
Specially Hardened Aluminum Alloy
Clear Anodized Surface with Brush Finishing Look
Hard Water and Bacteria Resistant, Easy to Clean and Sanitize


For installation in toilet rooms, shower stalls, at bathtubs, and at other locations required to have NW SecurityBar® to provide assistance for persons with disabilities or mobility impairment. The unique design meets suicide resistant or anti-ligature requirements of ADAAG. The one piece design resists abuse and does not offer a place to conceal contraband. To facilitate retrofit installations, NW SecurityBar® is not pre-drilled for fasteners and offers a continuous mounting surface. This allows adaptation to a variety of mounting conditions where backing, which is critical for proper attachment, may not align with conventional grab bar mounting points. These features make SecurityBar® well suited for secure facilities such as Behavioral Health Facilities, Hospitals, Juvenile Detention Facilities, Courthouses, Jails and Prisons.

Competitive Advantages

NW SecurityBar® possesses the unsurpassable competitive advantages in the behavioral healthcare and correctional industry.

Unique Advantage

NW SecurityBar® has unique advantage: (1) any angle or length installation, including L-corner bars, U shape bars, custom lengths, or continuous handrails.(2) Self-Draining End Cap for wet application.

Cost Advantage

Northwest is the leading manufacturer of premium detention hardware and accessories in North America. Northwest utilizes our resources and capabilities to create a competitive cost advantage but still maintain the premium quality of SecurityBar®.

Nationwide Delivery Network

Northwest has an integrated and nationwide delivery network across North America. Northwest can provide reliable and cost-effective delivery solutions to meet the needs of a wide range of customers and markets in the behavioral healthcare and correctional industry.

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